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5 sectors of H.E.I.R-A

The aim is to improve healthcare, encompassing mental well-being, for the most vulnerable, thereby alleviating the strain on government resources. Merging private health provisions with public frameworks can elevate care standards. As Africa's population is poised to double within three decades, new challenges surface. The youth, burdened by unmet aspirations, encounter employment rivalry, stress, and psychological strains. This could trigger negative coping mechanisms. Swift government intervention is imperative to address these growing psychological challenges in tandem with healthcare enhancements. This strategy seeks to greatly improve the quality of care of Africans by leveraging the private health sector and integrating it effectively with public health systems.

Educationexpand the education of healthcare workers

Contractingdevelopment of contractual partnerships with health insurance payers to secure low-cost health insurance for all Africans (Revenue Cycle & Integrity)

Recruitmenthire physicians, nurses, and other health care workers committed to providing health care to all Africans (Entrepreneurship)

Infrastructuredevelop/build hospitals and medical facilities throughout African regions and create electronic management systems for the maintenance of medical records

Real Estatebetter production of facilities and distribution/retail systems for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies

Agriculturefocus on agricultural outputs to influence the health status of all Africans (poor health reduces work performance and reduces income and productivity, which perpetuates a downward spiral into ill-health) 

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