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5 sectors of H.E.I.R-A

Africans continue to face growing obstacles relative to the agricultural industry.  The goal is to greatly improve the quality of farming for Africans by leveraging global incentive programs and integrating them effectively with domestic initiatives. 

Health Carefocus on linkages between agriculture and health supply chain (producers, systems, and outputs), intermediary processes (labor process, environmental change, income generation, access to food, water, land, and health-related resources), and health outcomes (occupational health risks, water-associated vector-borne diseases, under-nutrition, foodborne and livestock-related illnesses).

Educationseek to improve agricultural productivity by providing gateways of formal education to farmers to open their minds to greater knowledge; non-formal education to give farmers hands-on training and better methods of farming; and informal education to keep the farmer abreast of changing innovations and ideas which allows farmers to share experience gained.

Infrastructuredevelop compact and replicable projects that can be applied by project developers across Africa at different levels and in a dynamic mode as project opportunities become available.

Real Estateinvest in human capital formation in real estate as a crucial, productive element of investment on its own and as a complementary input accounting for the sustainability of agricultural production systems to physical capital and other inputs. Calibrate agricultural production for negative environmental externalities and resource depletion to represent the true value of agricultural output. 

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